image002It is a great pleasure for us to invite you to the Valencia Demonstration Day of the TEN-T Action GREENCRANES. The general objective of GREENCRANES is to test new technologies and alternative fuels including pilot deployment in port container terminals contributing thereby to mitigating climate change and reducing GHG emissions. Two demonstrations will take place on 2 December at the Port of Valencia.

The first one will consist on the deployment of the first European LNG powered terminal tractor prototype in a port container terminal. The vehicle will be tested jointly with a diesel powered terminal tractor equipped with the latest emission control technologies (non-road machinery Stage IV standard). Both terminal tractors will carry out the same operations and several performance indicators such as fuel consumption, GHG emissions, cycle timing, among other will be shown in order to allow their benchmarking. The goal of these real-life tests will be demonstrating the feasibility for the adoption of LNG as an alternative and environmentally-friendly fuel for terminal tractors at European port container terminals.

The second demonstration will consist on the presentation of a retrofitted eco-RTG crane, modified with a low power gen-set and electronics optimisation, resulting in significant reduction of fuel consumption and Greenhouse Gas Emissions (GHG) whilst keeping the same operational level of service.

Venue: Salón de Actos, Sede APV – Fase III, Avda. Muelle del Turia, s/n, 46024, Valencia (Spain).
Time: 08:30 (Maximum punctuality is kindly requested).

Download the Invitation, Agenda and Registration Form here:

*To attend the event please fill in the Registration Form and send it to before 28 November. As there is limited space, we will send you back a confirmation of participation if there is still place available.